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The central light sources of places of contemplation, recorded in Germany, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Tunisia and Italy.


Exhibited among others at the Galerie Anaïs Munich, the Museum of Fine Arts (Split, HR), the International Light Art Biennale Hildesheim or the House of Croatian Photography (Zagreb, HR). Known from the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bavarian Television, Deutsche Welle or Pictures Magazine.


Technique: Giclee print between acrylic glass, format: 90x60 / 80x80, limited to 7 per motif.

The extraordinary idea and the pure, clear concept are perfectly implemented. Among the thousands of photographs of all kinds I have seen so far, those by Miriam Ferstl are unique. They convince by great clarity, beauty and sublimity.

Prof. Enes Quien, Kunstakademie Zagreb

Honeycombs, raindrops, calyxes or fragile skeletons - all this comes to mind when you look at the chandelier motifs. In their kaleidoscopic perfection, the astonishing photographs are reminiscent of nature's works of art.“ 

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Miriam Ferstl lets us discover surprisingly beautiful things in liturgical space which, although not hidden, remained undiscovered for a long time."

Benita Meißner, Kuratorin der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Christliche Kunst

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